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Protect Shield by Google

Google had launched the Project Shield as an initiative to expand Google’s own Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) which can protect from cyber attacks and the protect the website to operate in high-risk conflict zones. Protect Shield was exposed on Monday at Google Ideas Summit which was held in New York, N.Y.

As of now Protect Shield has Google DDOS and Page Speed Service (PSS) which helps the organizations and individuals to protect their website with the help of Google’s Own Infrastructure which is free now and may be there might be a chance of going to paid with the preintimation before 30 days.

google protect shield

With the help of Protect Shield serving the anti-government there will be protection level and it never make a promise about the protection. Google had built to avoid large attacks. As of now the sign up of process will be done using the invitations and some few steps are needed for the configuration setup.