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Purchase with Paypal Cards

Today most of the transaction is via Debit Card and Credit Card. Now there is new card from Paypal. Online transaction or payments are done today with safe and secure. Paypal is one of the most and valued trusted online transactions. So now in market trades and other payments or transactions can be done by Debit card, Credit Card and as well as Paypal Cards.

There are more other like mPowa, iZettle etc, now paypal ready to competitive with them in the market which gives less than 3% on the transaction charges.

Now Paypal device is available only for selected businesses and after its launch in summer. First it will start from UK and followed by other countries. Paypal initially charges £100 for the device cost. The device is also said to be chip and pin device.

paypal chip and pin device  PayPal-lpaypal-here