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Quality Time – App that calculates your Smartphone Habits

History is based on records and the tracking of records provides the literature survey and all forms of time. Tracking your activities is also an important task and people have no time to it. Quality time is an app that helps you to track your activities on your smart phone and what is the app you are using and how long you are using the app which provides the report for your phone usage on app.

Quality App timelinequality time quality time alert quality time usage report

With Quality Time you can see your usage of your apps and your smart phone habits. You can view your top apps that consumed your most valuable time and the frequently usage of app and this becomes your Smartphone habits which is an amazing report that most of the users needed to track and alert their usage on their phone. You can also connect Internet of Things via IFTTT to alert you on overusing of Smartphone. This app helps you alert and make your mind free like letting you to take a break which makes your digitally unplugged yourself and making your quality time.

Managing the timeline provides you the list of activities and based on the report you can schedule your fun and work. Providing the alert message and much more are best features of this app which is really needed to everyone who are all addictive to you smart phone applications. What do you say?

To download your Quality Time app, Android users click here.