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Quip – your new word processor


In this modern world, note taking and sharing documents was one of the most important needs for all kinds of mobile and computer users. Quip was one of the best apps that help you to share your documents and it helps you to make your collaboration easy since it combines the messages and documents into single thread.

quip in collabrative Quip


This Quip app provides you the real time collaborative editing, offline editing, folders for different teams, checklist, find your friends online, notification, read receipt and much more added features. As of now, this app was available for Mac based mobiles and desktops. Hope this app satisfies the users who are mostly in travel on this business trip. Bret Taylor, who was the former head for Google Maps division, launched this Quip Word processing tool that helps in the business productivity.


Quip Notes Quip for desktop

This app was free for use and can be used in a team of five members and for the paid version this app also provides the remote management which helps more for the business users to have their data even they forgot to share it and much more are available.

You can download your Quip app here.