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Quitbit – Smart lighter that helps you to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a practice which is most common forms of recreational drug use. The most popular substance used for smoking is Tobacco and they are in different types. Globally smoking was one of the leading causes of preventable death. There are many ways for the smokers to avoid like educational counseling by physicians and also there are various substance used to stop smoking. In this modern technology world there are other options for smokers available are using tablets, electronic cigarette etc.

Quitbit is the first hardware device which helps to track your smoking. This smart lighters which you aware about visualize the trends and helps to stop or avoid smoking. The Quitbit lighter tracks your smoking habits and helps you to understand yourself about your health. The Quitbit lighter is built with the similar to car lighters. It takes about how much cigarette you smoked and how long it’s been since the last one and this helps you to take care of health by reducing your smoking.

Quitbit lighter

Now this was pledge in Kickstarter and if you are interested on this product pledge and present to your friends and family members to help them to control and quit smoking.

Quitbit lighter phone app

The app on your mobile phone that was integrate to the Quitbit lighter helps you custom settings to motivate to drop your smoking skills. Download your app here. Have a healthy long life. All the best.