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Remote Desktop with Google Hangout


Everyday Google adds some features to it. Recently Remote Desktop via Google + Hangout is updated. Now the Hangout can be included for screen sharing and you can even troubleshoot the other machines remotely which is one of the boons for IT support engineers.

You can keep chatting, making some video presentations, meetings online and much more features. You must the permission from the other end user for the remote support is needed. Other paid versions like Gotomeeting, LogMeIn are the competitors of this product and this helps most of the user for the easy way of sharing for free. It has been built with the same technology as Chrome Desktop Sharing but now with Google + hangout. Hope this update will be useful for the users of Google.



Someone looking for your IT support can be done easy and I am pretty sure that all the internet users are familiar with Google accounts. Now you can share everything with your friends and families. Note the other end user can able to see your email id and make sure that you are aware of it.