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Samsung’s Wallet App

Samsung has introduced the Wallet App for Android at Mobile World Congress.

The app for the ticket and coupon management. Event tickets, membership and other coupons can be stored and managed under one place is the usage of Samsung wallet. An Application Programming Interface (API) is also released for the integration to the wallet. At present the API is only for selected partners and it will be open to all by May 2013. Belly, Advanced Media, Expedia, Hotels.com and other are the partner which provides the list by Samsung Partners announced by Samsung in the Mobile World Congress and also add that the Developers can use this API by March 7 2013.

This wallet has the similar functionality of Apples Passbook as for iPhones. Last year Samsung has filed a patent for Samsung wallet. It seems that the wallet doesn’t has any NFC functionality; Visa which just partner by Samsung will provide the third party apps according to the internet sources.

wallet  samsung-wallet-app-for-galaxy-phones.png