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Sandcat for Pen-Testers and Web Developers


Synhunt Sandcat 4.0 which is the new browser that will be useful especially for Pen- testers and web developers. To be sure that this takes the next level for the browser. This Sandcat was built on the top of chromium, the same that powers the Google Chrome browser and this Sandcat uses the Lua programming language to provide the scripting support and also for the extensions.


Sandcat - Pentest


The process like Multi-process architecture, Developer tools are inherited features from chromium. Felipe M. Aragon was the creator and author of Synhunt added more features and advantages of the browser. The console for this browser is available with the extension for developer tools and much more benefits are available for this browser. The Preview Extensions, Enhanced Live Headers,        Live Headers Cache are much more benefits when compared to other.

Sand cat script menu

What is your idea about Synhunt Sandcat Browser?