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SanDisk Introduced world’s smallest pen drive

In today’s technology, storage devices are very compatible and now it is even more compatible. Yes, SanDisk one of the world’s largest storage solution provider had launched the world’s smallest storage device with highest capacity. 128GB capacity of storage with USB3.0 technology let users to share more files and transfer more data at the speed of 130MB/s and 256GB holds the transfer rate of 100MB/s.

USB_3_Flash_DrivesThe feature includes with the smallest pen drive is about five years of warranty and also providing security to store your private files with the 128 bit encryption for password protection. Along that it provides the subscription for RescurePro for a year that helps you to recover to lost or corrupted data from your world’s smallest pen drive. While on the other side, the growth of advanced technology requires users to taking care of their device like the small device is easy to lose and also the file storing. The price of 128GB SanDisk is cost about $119.99 and for 256GB it is about $199.99 and its online availability is list in the company website www.sandisk .com

The writing speed on the device is about 10 times faster when compared to USB2.0. Password protection is about 128bit AES encryption and it is supported by Windows from Vista version.

What you think about the world’s smallest pen drive? Either the size of the device or about the storing capacity of the device? Add your comments.

Image Courtesy : SanDisk