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Security Breach on Facebook


In late Friday, there was a security breach in Facebook. The bug is occurred on the new tool by Facebook “Download Your Information” which helps you to download your all activities and provide the history including Timeline, photos and videos. The bug that may allow some of the contact information like email address or phone numbers can be accessed by the people who had some contact information about the user or some connection with them.

A report says that there about six million email address and phone numbers are shared but no other information was exposed. The report adds the Facebook Contacts importer tool which allows you add your contacts and share with them, the bug is once the contact is uploaded it automatically search for the information that exist on the network.

facebook security breach

Say as an example a name that have imported from other email services like yahoo, it automatically looks for the person name in the contact list it will match with other name of the person in Gmail if the names are same. The Facebook security page was explained more about it. This is complicated since the other social network has the same contact importing factor.

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