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Security Flaw in Viber App


Viber is an app that allows you to make free calls, text messages and much more. Now it is found that there is a critical flaw with this app announced by the security company Bkav. This app allows the user to bypass the security lock on the home screen.


Previously we have the bypassing security in Samsung by using the power switch, but this app doesn’t need it. Just the victim phone should have the viber app installed. Just the message pop up by this app allows the user to take control over the phone without the security code on home screen.

Step 1: Just send a text message to the victim phone. The first pop up will be sent

Step 2: send one more text message to the victim screen. The second pop will be sent you can see the viber keyboard appeared on victim phone

Step 3: Once the viber keyboard is appeared press the back button to get full access for the phone

Now you can access the phone without the home screen password.

The security flaw is described in below video for your alert.

The security company Bkav announced that this flaw works on most of the smart phones like Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S2 etc. the company adds that the this app is one for top for mobile with 175 million users all over the world.

Hope there will be an updated will released shortly by Viber App.