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Self Destructing Email

At & T is working on the self destruction of email. Today email is best for all business and to be sure that everyone has the copy of their own. They have the option to delete the email but it on the client side or the receivers end.

United States Patent Application “Method, System, and Apparatus for Providing Self-Destructing Electronic Mail Messages” Submitted by          At & T for the approval for the self destruction of electronic mail messages. This could be something more interesting. The email that is sent will be deleted within some specified time which provides and avoids some important notes to others.

selfdestruct email

This is new to the world, this sort of thinking in done on most of the movies based on technology but in real it will make some important changes into the new world. The user or the sender can decide how to delete the email which can be depend on specific time either the message was opened or not or the other at the self destruction after read of the message by the receiver.

It is interesting right? What is your idea about this self destruction email?

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