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Self Destruction Photos for Facebook


Sharing photos are the one which most widely used. Uploading the photos and sharing the photos with friends and families using social network was the important one in today’s world. In this life span privacy is much needed and also same as sharing, defining the friends who can view the photos and person who has the rights can access it.


Now it is available to share your photos in privacy and also you can destroy your photos after some specified time. Secret.li is the new app that helps you to share your photos and also you can schedule your self destruction of your photos on a specified time according to your schedule. With this Secret.li taking photo, protect it with safety filter and sharing with Facebook for a limited time which is just three steps that helps in your privacy. You can also set the duration for the photos that need to be available and then self destruction of it takes place which holds your privacy.

self destruction photos photo filter for uploading

As of now this app is available for iPhone 3GS or later model. Now be happy with your privacy as you needed. You can grab you secret.li app here. Did this app help you?

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