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Self-XSS scam tricks Facebook users trick allowing them to self hacking

Security is one of the most important constraints in this technology world. Securing data is most needed for the normal internet users and providing them data security is much more important for the software providers. Cross-site Scripting is most important vulnerability which is found in web applications which has the capability to inject client side scripting and gain information about the victim.

facebook xss

Recently the social media giant Facebook users were targeted by providing the Self-XSS which can provide access their accounts to the attackers. This was the trick to hack Facebook account, which is provided by the attackers via phishing emails or via post from the friend account. Once the user accepts, it asks for the user to follow some steps to hack other Facebook accounts. The post looks like below

Hack any Facebook account following these steps:

1. Go to the victim’s profile

2. Click right click then click on inspect element and click the “Console” tab.

3. Paste the code into the box at the bottom and press Enter.

The code is in the web site: http://textuploader .com****/

Good luck: *

Don’t hurt anybody…

Is the content that tends the user to hack someone’s Facebook account. The user might think that it is real the user follow those steps which led them to have access to their own Facebook account to the hacker or attacker. This attack is possible in both chrome and Firefox browser which was added in the internet resources.

Once the user is self injected, the attacker can run malicious script on the user machine and can gain some confidential information like bank details and much more. The users are requested to report spam to avoid these types of attacks. Facebook is working on this issue with different browser providers to provide security to the users. If your account is hacked using the following link from Facebook which helps you to report about the compromised accounts.

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