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SkyDrive – Free Cloud Storage for all Devices


SkyDrive is one the best cloud storage which is free along with Dropbox and other free storage applications. SkyDrive is an app that supports for smartphone, Apple and iPad. This is multiple features likes listing the recent uploads and multiple photos can be shared, the shared link can be send via email. It is a part of windows live range of online service.

This service offers about 7 GB of free storage and above of it is to be a paid version but for free it is high space when compared to other cloud storage service providers.



This app allows dragging and dropping into the cloud for the file size of up to 300 MB or upto 2GB for desktop application. This has the major functionality in Microsoft product with the inheritance of other features on your simple and smart devices.

Office web apps, Microsoft office integration, document embedding, email integration, bing integration and it is also available in languages more than 100 languages. So it is the right time to save your files in cloud for free.