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Skype web chat instant messaging on chrome

After the release of Skype web chat, Microsoft announced that web chat and instant messaging can be done in chrome browser. Most reviewers feel that chrome and Skype will not work, but it is proved that it will work on chrome browser with for web logging. Microsoft is also working hardly for the implementation of Skype for web to all over the world. Now the chromebook users and Linux users can use the Skype of Web (beta) for instant messaging.


Notification on Skype for the web is added, but needs permission when for the use of web including instant messaging, audio or video calls and you are using on a different website. It is assured that Skype for web will be launched shortly for the users all over the world. With the new update, the supported languages are added. Real Time Communication(RTC) is a advanced technology for the web user to add the Skype for web without installing the application.