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Smart Watch as a Breath Analyzer


Today most of the people love to drink and sometimes they don’t know the limit of their dose. Police Men uses Breath Analyzer used to estimate the alcohol content in the human body.  A special gas will be leaked from the alcohol user to the human blood who consumed the alcohol and level of alcohol can be estimated using this Breath Analyzer. The person is allowed to blow in the instrument to check the level of alcohol and if the person blows slowly the content will be low in the device.

To create a awareness about this and people to know the usage of alcohol, Tokyo Flash a company based on Japan had developed a new smart watch with breath analyzer that helps you to know about your alcohol content in your body.


breath analyzer watch

The device holds the normal watch with alarm and the opening in the bottom will helps to analyze. Just a simple blow at the bottom of your watch results in the indications of the alcohol content in your body. There are three indications as green, yellow and red indications that level the amount of alcohol content in your body.

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