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Snapcash – Now send money to your friends using Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most famous photo sharing apps that helps the users to share the photos, texts, recorded videos and share with the controlled list of friends. The most important option is the sender can set the time limit for the share that how long it can be viewed by the users and after that the file will be removed from the receiver’s phone and also from the Snapchat server.

Today Snapchat introduce Snapcash by which the sender can send money to friends and families and also can purchase with the ads provided by the app. the user has to use dollar sign ($) before the value which changes the send button to the green pay button allows the users to transfer from their card to the friends account. While the amount is transferred to the friend without Snapchat, it will wait for the certain period of time for the user to sign up and if the user not signed up the cash will be refunded to the sender account and it is really simple. Snapchat and Square are into the process according the internet resource. Google Wallet, Venmo and other are also providing the options similar for the payment process and now the Snapcash will be also easy and useful for the Snapchat users. The payment is easy and they also have security and privacy policy as per the internet resource.


 As of now, Snapcash is available for Android users and it will be soon available for iPhone users.