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Sony Launched Hi Speed Internet in Japan


Sony has launched the high speed internet connection for the home users in Japan this week. So-net Entertainment Corporation which is founded in 1995 in Japan and the company has started its internet service in 1996. By the year of 2013 it become the wholly owned subsidiary company of Sony Corporation.

Now it has launched the high speed broadband internet connection with fiber optic connection in Japan with the service name as Nuro with the download speed of 2 Gbps and upload speed of 1 Gbps speed. Some information’s says that this is the fast high speed internet connection with the competition in Japan.

Sony Entertainment


This is to target the small companies and home users for the new connection. The information adds that the connection for Nuro will be in Tokyo and it cost around AY=4980 ($51) per month on a two year contract with AY=52,500 installation free and it is offering free now for the users applying online now.

NURO So-net Sony

The other side Google Fiber is growing in US. Hope the Internet speed will be high for all users all over the world and we are in need of it. The comparison is not easy between the providers.

The company says that the service is Gigabit-passive Capable Optics or GPON network standard and this is service will attract the users in Tokyo. Since Tokyo is high apartments which is tight packed and now most of the home users are using 1 Gbps of speed and hope it will makes the changes in Tokyo.