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Spaces – Google’s new app for group sharing

Google is always focusing on the needs of its users and it provide the best solutions for them. Yes, this time Google announced new app Spaces for group sharing.

Space group share

There are more apps that helps users to share between their friends and families. Now Google’s Spaces is also one of them that help to share and you know that people would talk about different things and varies from one to another. Google Spaces is added to Google search, YouTube, chrome etc. that helps the users to share the information without closing the app and make their reference based on their needs. It is a small group sharing app that helps your space members to get in touch with a quick link. You can also search about the topic that you needed by using Google Space and share with them.

Google Spaces

You can invite friends in a snap with a link in email, message etc., now create your own spaces and share with your friends and families.

To download Spaces from Playstore and iOS is available here.