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Steven – An Emoji based social app

There are various numbers of apps to get in touch with friends and families. Sometimes you may not update your Facebook status or on other social networking. Steven is a new app which updates your status based on location in emoji status.

pushd steven

This app helps you to know your friends location based on the emoji status update which keep updated. The app name Steven is from the cat name belongs to one of the developer’s girl friend according to the internet resources. Whatever your location may be, the app updates the emoji based status. When you are in a coffee shop it shows a coffee cup and like in shopping shows the credit card status and much more. Now the app is available for the iPhone users. It provides a kind of gaming experience according to the internet resources. It is worked on the available of wifi status for the location identity.

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The other feature of this app includes the sharing of photos with your friends and families. The app Steven is free and you can download your app here.