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StickMount – Mount your USB sticks on your Phone


Stick Mount is an app that allows you to mount your USB device in your Android Phone.
The memory’s size what ever we are using for mobile is not enough for us and other thing is we always like to store the data in our usb device. But we cannot use our laptop all time to use the files on our USB device.


But we always use our mobile phones whereever we are. SO the simple way to use our USB device in our phone.

Stick Mount is an app that helps you to do it. This app works well on most of the devices like Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus 7. But with the Nexus 4 no it doesnot because of the software on Nexus 4.

You can mount a USB stick with USB Host / OTG cable after installing the Stick Mount on your mobile which configures and we need to tell what do to for the first time.



Mass storage devices are mounted to “/sdcard/usbStorage/xxxx/”.

The filesystems supported depends on your phone devices.
At least vfat/fat/fat32 and ext2/3/4 are supported. On the latest Android versions ntfs is used which is also supported in read-only mode.

The adjustment to the NTFS mounting, Adjustment partition detection are some of the new features.

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