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Steps to Dissect Android Simplelocker Ransomware


Simplelocker is a ransomware that decrypts files on victims’ android mobile and demands to pay some ransom for decrypting the files. Earlier there are more types of ransomware are used by the attacker on desktop and laptops like CryptoLocker, Cryptowall where as SimpleLocker was the first ransomware to infect android based mobile phones. Earlier this month ESET detected the ransomware ...

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TOR enabled Ransomware that Encrypts files in SD Card of your Android Phone

simplocker ransomware

Cyber criminals are focusing on making money online which proves that they are attacking users via phone, browser and much more. There are many Ransomware that targets the mobile users, affecting their device by locking it and demanding for some amount to unlock it. Last month a ransomware was found by Bitdefender that is used in underground market and demanding ...

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