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Inbox by Gmail – New Chrome Extension

Inbox by Gmail

Now you can keep your email organized and makes you stress free work. Today Google Chrome launched the Inbox by Gmail which is available in Chrome web store helps to manage your emails easily and efficiently. An invite is required to activate Inbox by Gmail by which the users can request one via email to inbox@google.com. The most important emails ...

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End to End Encryption by Google for more security


Security is the main concern on all fields. In internet the priority stands high since most of the confidential information’s today are shared via email and other online tools. There are various types of encryption tools available according the software build. Google is one of the top most concern providing continues updates which proves that they enhancing security to make ...

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Chrome Extension for Remote Desktop

Chrome Extension

Remote Desktop was one of the most important tools for any support engineer all over the world. There are more tools available for remote control for both free and paid version. Now Google Chrome has released the chrome extension for remote desktop which allows the user to share screen and access over other computers in secure. Many of the web ...

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