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New Data Compression Algorithm that makes your chrome faster

chrome brotli

Google Chrome browser is one of the most widely using web browser. Recently Google announced that the browser will get update with the new data compression algorithm that makes your browser much faster. Earlier Google used zopfli, data compression algorithm which was released before two years. It uses the combination of LZ77 algorithm and Huffman coding for data compression. Zopfli ...

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Remote Desktop with Google Hangout

Google Logo

  Everyday Google adds some features to it. Recently Remote Desktop via Google + Hangout is updated. Now the Hangout can be included for screen sharing and you can even troubleshoot the other machines remotely which is one of the boons for IT support engineers. You can keep chatting, making some video presentations, meetings online and much more features. You ...

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Now Spell Check on Google Chrome

Google spell check

Google chrome one of the most used browsers now added the feature to check the Grammar and Spelling. This added feature will leads to the advantage of double checking. The above screen can be seen for the additional feature when you try to open chrome. You can also ask Google for Suggestions for your best and advance output which helps ...

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