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Linkup Ransomware turns your computer to Bitcoin Mining

Linkup Ransomware DNS Changing Malware

There are number of Ransomware that encrypts your files and demands for some amount to decrypt your files like Cryptolocker etc. these type of ransomware lock your files where as Linkup which is also known as Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Linkup was the first malware that changes your DNS settings and blocks your internet access. Emsisoft has found this malware and provide Emisoft Anti-malware ...

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Cryptolocker Ransomware and Protection Tools


Cryptolocker is the Trojan Horse Malware which is affected most number of users all over the world using windows operating system. The malware are spread through email spam with the attachment. Once it get activated, the malware encrypts your own file using RSA public-key cryptography using 2048 bits. After your file gets affected, the malware provides the option for the ...

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