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Inbox by Gmail – New Chrome Extension

Inbox by Gmail

Now you can keep your email organized and makes you stress free work. Today Google Chrome launched the Inbox by Gmail which is available in Chrome web store helps to manage your emails easily and efficiently. An invite is required to activate Inbox by Gmail by which the users can request one via email to inbox@google.com. The most important emails ...

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Delay Mail Delivery on Gmail


On September 24, there is major network failure in Gmail which results in the problem of email delivery in delay makes the users uncomfortable. Most of the users are using Gmail for their mail service and some are using Google Apps for the business and education. But yesterday due to the problem which was triggered by dual network failure which ...

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Now send and receive Money with Gmail


  You can send and receive money with your Gmail and also to non Gmail accounts. Yes now Google Wallet is integrated with Gmail which helps you to send and receive money with easy secure transfer. Google announced this information in Google I/O in San Francisco.     The new feature is send and receives money with your Gmail account. ...

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