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Wearable Smart Phone Indication

Embrace Plus

  In today’s world everyone is interested in wearable technologies. Google Glass, iWatch are creating some good by the technology for the future.     Now how about the wearable Smartphone notification. Embrace+ is one which comes with the solution for the indication of your Smartphone in to your wrist. When you got a text message or Facebook notification or ...

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Google Glass Vs Telepathy One


  Google Glass has now had the competition with Telepathy One which is the one of the wearable computing device developed by Takahito Iguchi and his Team. Google glass is now available for few members where as the Telepathy one becomes the cheapest gadget and also the alternative for Google Glass. This Telepathy one has the built in camera, a ...

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Google Glass


Do you know what the next technology focus is? Yes it control via Glass. In technology, Apple and Google say the next technology is wearing computing. Apple trying to develop a technology via Wrist Watch and Google choose to go with Glass. Now Google takes the lead by providing Google Glass.The Fabulous video of Google Glass is revealed.   The ...

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