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New Data Compression Algorithm that makes your chrome faster

chrome brotli

Google Chrome browser is one of the most widely using web browser. Recently Google announced that the browser will get update with the new data compression algorithm that makes your browser much faster. Earlier Google used zopfli, data compression algorithm which was released before two years. It uses the combination of LZ77 algorithm and Huffman coding for data compression. Zopfli ...

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Google Map Maker is coming back

Google Map Maker

Google map maker is one of the major tool used by most of the people and due to some changes in the system it is temporarily unavailable for the system pause. Today Pavithra Kanakarajan, Product Manager, Google Map Maker had announced that the Map Maker will be back online by the early of august via post. Google Map review was ...

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Google and Sidewalk for Life Improvement

sidewalk labs

Today Google CEO Larry Page had added a new core for the improvement of city life with a new company Sidewalk Labs announced in a post in Google+. The aim of the new company is to improve the life of people in cities using technology to solve urban problems, which is an amazing thought of creation for the improvement of ...

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Google I/O Conference Registration was delayed

Google IO

Google I/O developer’s annual conference was scheduled on San Francisco, CA and the registration for it was scheduled to open today. But the registration was delayed for a week which starts on April 15 of next week and the reason for it was unclear. The conference will be held from June 25 – 26 at Moscone West Convention Center in ...

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Protect Shield by Google

google protect shield

Google had launched the Project Shield as an initiative to expand Google’s own Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) which can protect from cyber attacks and the protect the website to operate in high-risk conflict zones. Protect Shield was exposed on Monday at Google Ideas Summit which was held in New York, N.Y. As of now Protect Shield has Google DDOS ...

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Google and Motorola to Moto X

Motorola Moto X

  Last week, Motorola and Google launched the new smart phone Moto X with most advanced features. This is first Smartphone that results on the combination of Google and Motorola was released on earlier of this month. The biggest innovation was the touch less control which allows the user to customize and use according their needs. The screen size of ...

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New Google BlockBuster – Enjoy Hollywood

google blockbuster logo

  A new much needed product for most of the users are recently launched as Google Blockbuster. It helps you to predict the movies with the help of it trailers and much more activities. The accuracy of this analyze will be at 94 percent says the researchers. This provides the new algorithm via Conan for prediction to the success of ...

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