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Customer contact details were exposed after website cPanel hacked


cPanel is a website hosting company, provides various benefits to the users and make it simpler for their web hosting. Recently according to the internet resources, that cPanel was hacked in the weekend and the contact details were exposed in public. Customer information like name, contact details and their salted passwords which means encrypted password were exposed to public. Company ...

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Ready for Hackathon 2013


Hackathon is an event in which computer programmers and other involved in software development collaborate intensively on software projects. This is also known as Hack Day or Hack fest or code fest. Hackathon was the combination of the word Hack and Marathon where the hack is used as playful, exploratory programming etc., Hackathon for this year starts from Nov 8 ...

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Unauthorized access on Ubisoft Database


  Ubisoft one of the best on video games was recently announced that the user database information was hacked and it asked the users to change their password immediately. Ubisoft also adds in a statement that the information the other security information like credit card, debit card information are not stolen and the other user database information like username, email ...

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Cyber attack on Living social


  On Friday this week, Living social was in cyber attack. Living social is one of the second largest daily deal companies which were attacked and it has affected more than 50 million customers all over the world.  Living social is one of the best website that provides many discounted gift certificates. The company was founded as Hungry in 2007 ...

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