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Pebble Smart watch reached about double the goal within few minutes


People are lovable with gadgets and it is proved with pebble smart watch which had reached double the goal via kickstarter which is really most amazing.   It is recommended as one of the best smart watch to buy by most of the internet giants. Now the pebble is again comes back with most impressive features including new timeline, various ...

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Marbel – The Electric Skateboard


Skateboard is one of the most efficient vehicles that help most of the people all over the world. Marbel Board is one of most light weight skateboard all over the world according to them. Marbel Electric skateboard is about 9.9 pounds in weight which makes the lightest vehicle in the modern world. This electric skateboard can covers up to 10 ...

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Kickstarter user accounts was hacked


One of the most crowd funding website Kickstarter was hacked earlier this week. The Kickstarter was launched on April 28, 2009 by Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler, and Charles Adler.   The company’s mission is to help for the projects and bring creative projects to life. The innovation starts here by most of the projects. Since there are about 5 million people ...

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Neptune Pine – A Phone in Watch

neptune pine

Today the trend changes every day and attractive ideas were on the steps of growth in lightening speed. One of the most advanced today’s technology is Neptune Pine. Neptune Pine is a watch with a phone. The most of the important applications that we use daily is all in your watch. You can make a phone call; receive a phone ...

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Poppy – Change an iPhone into 3D Camera


  Today’s world needs everything in best.  Here comes the best by which you can make your iPhone to3D camera and capture, view and share your 3D pictures with your friends. Poppy is the first device to turn iPhone to 3D camera and to have 3D movies, stills and much more. Poppy was designed and created by Ethan Lowry and ...

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Charge your Phone using Hot or Cold Drink


Today many phone apps are battery eaters. Now you can charge your phones using hot coffee or cold coke. The Epiphany Labs have invented a new power device onE Puck which is in the size of paper weight to charge your phone with the hot or cold drink. The heat or cold source is converted in to power which can ...

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