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Pushdo Malware is continuing its attack on 11,000 Computers in a day

Pushdo botnet

Cutwail botnet is found is 2007 which sends spam e-mails. Trojan component called Pushdo which helps to install the bot on the infected machine. The target of this malware is Microsoft windows. As per record, it is calculated that cutwail botnet was the one which affected large number of computers by June 2009. Cutwail Botnet is also known as “0bulk ...

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Dendroid – A new Android Malware Toolkit found by Symantec

Dendroid AndroRat

Android users are increasing everyday and in parallel there is also increase in Malware. Today more cybercriminals are selling their Android Malware Toolkit in underground which proves in increasing of attacks and data theft which was previously estimated for the year 2014. Since Android was the major target, the crime raises which provides the way for attackers. RAT was the ...

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YouTube ads distribute Caphaw Banking Malware

instream youtube ads

YouTube was one of the most commonly used website for video watching. Recently Security engineers of Bromium Labs found the YouTube ads are spreading the Caphaw family malware. Instream Video ads which were taking the users to the malicious website hosting the Styx exploit kit. (Styx refers to the underworld river over which the Charon who carries the souls of ...

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Evernote as Command and Control Server


Evernote which is one of the popular notes taking and remember which can be used from anywhere and now it allows hackers to use it as Communication and Control Server (C&C). Recently TrendMicro detects the BKDR_VERNOT.A, a backdoor malware type which executes the commands to remote malicious users without their knowledge.   The above screenshots from TrendMicro describes more about ...

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Miniduke – Malware via PDF Said Kaspersky Labs


New Malware called MiniDuke was a new malware detected by Kaspersky Lab and CrySys Lab. This MiniDuke takes the responsibility to manage says the internet resources. At present it is found that the MiniDuke has been in attack of European institutions and government entities in Portugal, Ukraine, Romania and other have been targeted according the security researcher. Kaspersky believes that ...

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Are you an Android Phone user? How to find you phone is not infected by Malware?


The computer and network agencies found observed an Android Malware that is capable of infecting your personal computer or other USB devices connected, autorun.inf and svshosts.exe. The Malware is named as Superclean /Droidcleaner. Dont choose by their names. The malware asks for permission and changing the state in Wifi, using your contact details etc. If you found your mobile phones ...

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Dont Loss your Freedom via Skype


I use Skype to Call. But do you know there is a Malware that come along with my Skype call. Shylock is one of the banking Trojan discovered in 2011.The functionality of the malware is to steals online banking credentials and other financial information from infected computers. Shylock, named after a character from Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”. Followers : CSIS Security Group ...

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