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Malware that attack *nix web server s – Mayhem


Security researchers were keeping on working on cyber security issues and everyday it keeps on going. Recently security researchers Andrej Kovalev, Konstantin Ostrashkevich and Evgeny Sidorov employees of Russian based search engine Yandex found a new malware that targets Linux and FreeBSD web server named Mayhem which has the capability to provide malicious activities over the servers and also has ...

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SMS phishing Vulnerability in Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

  Recently it is discovered the SMS phishing vulnerability in Samsung Galaxy S4 which allows to use the silent SMS text message or also said to be smishing by the attackers on “Cloud Backup”. By June 17 the vulnerability was discovered by Qihoo 360 Technology, which is an antivirus company based in China. The company adds that the issue was ...

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Tricks to Hack Google Users using Clickjacking


Google Drive is one of the major products to save and share the documents with your Friends. But in a recent day Security Researcher Christy Philip Mathew had described the trick to hack the Gmail information with the help of Clickjacking and CSRF vulnerabilities in Google docs which allows the users to phishing attack. The researcher had successfully grabbed the ...

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