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Talkz – New Voice Messenger App


In this fast world we need everything to be fast and simple. In this enterprise world the first level of communication goes to Email and then to SMS. Talkz will be one of most advanced app for both audio and text which takes the second level of communication.



You can compose your message either by voice or text which allows you to listen and read according to your convenience. Messaging in their own language is more and most important feature in which talkz supports 28 languages. Sharing images and audio are all the features of this app. You can also use Group chat with your friends with the audio and text and larger number group chats is also allowed.

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The sms feature of this app supports the non Talkz user and you can share images, audio and messages with the non Talkz users. iSpeech voice recognition is used by this app for transcription. Voice Clone is also available as the feature of this app.

As of now this app this available for Apple users and it will be soon launched for the other mobile users like Android, windows, Blackberry.

For Apple user you can download this app here.