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The Hallow Flashlight on Google Science Fair


In Google Science Fair finalist, the Hallow Flashlight which uses the body heat of human and works without any batteries was one of them in the list. Ann Makosinski from Canada who is 15 years old was in top 15 of Google Science Fair Finalist for her Flashlight Obsession and she also won bronze award last year at the Canada-Wide Science fair for Flashlight in thermoelectric.

Hallow Flashlight

Peltier tiles is the basic concept of the hallow flashlight which means the electricity produces on the tiles on which one side of cool and the other side of heat. Ann was inspired from the temperature on the human body and her project requires five degree of temperature to work and produce about 5.4 mW at and the design is thermodynamically efficient.

The two sides of Peltier tiles are as the palm of the human body as the heat and the ambient air on the other side as cold. Her explanation is fine and it was the new idea into the field of thermodynamics. All the best to her and for her ideas in future from the SupportITDesk Team.