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ThriveTracker – Get real reward for your mood by Positive Psychology

Today managing the mood of us is most important constraint for all human being. Every time the time changes and we are changing according to the surrounding and situation. In this fast moving world, managing our mood is much important that helps you to improve the mental health and also to manage the life in wellbeing. ThriveTracker is one of the recent mobile app that helps the iPhone users to get real rewards for their consistent checking on this app that helps to track your mood, sleep, therapy and it collects the key data for tracking which helps you improve your mind with this mood management tool.

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ThriveTracker help you to track your mood, anxiety, irritability levels, sleep time, quality and provides you self-care metrics like motivation, medication, exercise etc., which helps you not only to change your mood but also earn rewards from this app which helps you to be positive and also as the encouragement gift.

ThriveTracker Mood manage report

There are other more apps that helps you to do the same but the ThriveTracker is different by proving the motivation and also providing rewards which is not in other app. Kiip.me is the mobile advertising people like connecting brands with people in rewarding ways. It is cool right?


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