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Timelapse – Earth through time


Google has now unveiled the new project called Timelapse. This is to show how the earth has changed in past 28 years. Google worked with NASA and the US Geological Society and provide the visual of the changes in the earth from the satellite photos collected from these organizations.

Google Timelapse Columbia-Glacier

Google Timelapse

Timelapse Las-Vegas

The work started in 2009 with USGS to achieve the archive. The collection of 909 terabytes of data with 2,068,467 images and worked with it to find the high pictures in the quality aspect and finally built to provide the earth Timelapse for the past 28 years with the highest quality. This is done not only to explore and also to provide the details of the past world to the changes made in the present world. Earth engine is the biggest part to hold the world engine. This is one of the tremendous projects by the giant in the history to present the history to the present world and this makes sense in the world we are living and for the future to know the record of the world.

What your idea for this project?