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Toro is now with Google

Google acquired the startup, Toro that helps the app developers to promote their apps on Facebook. Amitt Mahajan and Joel Poloney led the team who founded MyMiniLife which was acquired by Zynga played the major role in the creation of an app FarmVille.


The aim of the company was to create and provided optimized ad campaign for the Facebook app developers in an easy way and simplified action for action led the users to test on different variants of each campaign. The maintenance and re engagement of ads will the complex task for the publishers and Toro helps the developers to do it easy and simplified option to make them for the ad types. Recently the company announced that the Toro is joining the Google Team, and of course they will be supporting the existing customers in optimization and report generation whereas it will not creating new campaigns according to the internet source.

toro facebook ad campaign

Now Toro will be joining to the Mobile ads team of Google. What do you think about it? Add your comments.