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Touch less Controller for iPhone Music Apps

Gesture controls for the devices are the most advanced and the next generation for the new IT world. Most of the gesture controls are available for most of the devices and iring was the first gesture devices to control the music apps in an iPhone or iPad. iRing devices use the image recognition, motion control patents for the devices to be active. Front camera of the mobile devices provides the control for the wearable rings to provide the access to the music apps on the devices.

The algorithm based on volumetric positioning helps to recognize the device and the physical location of the device. The basic idea was helpful for the game developer, health fitness and most of the mobile apps which provides the gateway for the creation of new technology world. The iRing devices were launching at a price of $25 as a preorder and it is available at IK Multimedia Website and to select the musical instrument and the consumer electronics stores. iRing FX/Controller and iRing Music Maker are two apps that work with iRing gesture controller which is also available in Apple Store for free.

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