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Tox – An Alternate to Skype


Skype is one of the most widely used applications for video conference, instant messaging and screen sharing. Tox is one of the new application which is arise shortly will have the same feature as Skype and much more. Tox is the free software that the processing of development is ongoing which allows you have your private conversation with your friends and family with secure and privacy.

Tox - skype alternative

The features of Tox included instant messaging, calls, video calls and much more features to it. Tox aims to provide all in one application and it mainly concentrates on security and privacy. To be sure that there are more problems with Skype but it has the value of it. Tox use UDP protocol and each peer are represented as byte string. On the connection between the peers the other features like calls, file sharing will be enabled. The company is looking for contribution to outcome the product which is an open source that helps the user to use it for free. Tox promised that it will free from advertisements and also provide the high quality in it with the encryption to secure your privacy.

We have to wait for the product to launch for it value to be an alternative. What do you think, Skype or Tox?

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