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Tracking your location using Mobile Battery – Powerspy

Technology is growing everyday and same the privacy is hard to achieve. Researchers found that the user can be traced by their mobile phone battery consumption, which means that without the requirement of GPS tracking and even if the user disable the location identification, the users can be traced by their Smartphone battery charge consumption.  Powerspy is named to the technique which was created by Researchers at Stanford University and Israel’s Defense research group Rafael. This technique the user location can be identified with the accuracy of 90% by using the battery consumption for the certain time.

There are more applications which request the permission for using user location where as battery which does not need the user permission to share the information which results in the 90% of accuracy according to the internet resources. Powerspy technique will calculate the distance between the cell towers and the obstacles for the signals and also the usage of other situations including calls, photos, games and much more and of course the environmental situations. This is the major drawback for the security constraint.

tracking user location

There is also a limitation for Powerspy which can works on the predefined route which is the user uses the same route or the user has to travel for the couple of times in the same route for the location. If the user travel for the first time it tracking will not be possible for the tracker to identify the route. This is a limitation for now. But what about the privacy? People cannot think about the day without phone? What do you say?