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Travel Tip for the trip to Thailand

Thailand which was officially known as Kingdom of Thailand. There were more beautiful places in Thailand which attract the travelers to visit. The best climates with good food attract the people all over the world. I would say that Thailand was one the best and beautiful place to enjoy their vacation with friends and families.

The climate was tropical which is hot and humidity let all the people to adapt to the places on their visit was also an added advantage to visit Thailand. The main culture was adapted to Buddhism and some traditional places like Ko Tarutao, Ko Chang, Similan Islands, Phang Nga Bay, Ko Phi Phi and much more was the extraordinary places to visit on the trip to Thailand.

1. WatSamanRattamaranWat Saman Rattamaran - Chachoengsao - Thailand


2. Wat ThatonWat Thaton


3. Wat SaketWat Saket


4. Wat PhraWat Phra

5. Wat ArumWat Arum

6. Tuk-tukTuk-tuk

7. Petchaburi

Petchaburi (Petburi)




8. Pattaza BeachPattaza Beach Sunset

9. Maya Bay

Maya Bay

10. Katoi-Show


11. Chaopraya RiverBangkok


12. Bann Grood KrutBann-Grood-Krut


13.  AyutthayaAyutthaya
The stunning beach, the places on the different season was different which makes the visitors to visit all over the year. There was record says that there are Sixteen Million foreigners was flying to Thailand every year. There were some of the beauty of Thailand was added in our showcase to explore the beauty of it.