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Twitter Vine app hacked by 16 year old Geek


Vine app is one of the famous apps for mini video taking. Vine app allows you to share 6 sec video. Twitter acquired this app in last October. A 16 year old web developer Will Smidlein has successfully hacked and uploads the three and minute’s video of Rick Astley hit “Never Gonna Give You Up,” from the recently released app Android version of Vine app.

The resource adds that the developer Will Smidle had reverse the working of the app and he figures out how the app the talks to the server and made some changes which allow him to update a three and half minutes video into it. Already the developer was preparing for the two month internship with Pocket based on San Francisco; Pocket is an app that allows managing in reading the internet articles.

Another source says that simple steps can allow you to make about 20 sec of Vine Videos, but to complete some other resource is needed says at wonderhowto. The simple tricks in the below video can help to achieve it but I strongly recommend to view the resource needed for it and this video is from other resource