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Ubuntu Server Installation Step by Step and GUI Configuration

Ubuntu Server edition is one the free operating system based on Linux. With multitasking technique ubuntu reaches today on the Tablet which proves the extraordinary performance of it.

You can also download ubuntu server edition (updated) from the Ubuntu Official Website.

There are two version available same as Windows server like 32 bit and 64 bit in edition.

Once you have downloaded file which is in ISO format can be written to DVD or copy to an USB device if your bios settings has the option to boot from removable device.


Ubuntu Movie001



Ubuntu Movie225


After Ubuntu starts boot from media the initial setup like drivers, additional hardware and other required files will be loaded. Since I am using VMware for the tutorial, the username and password have to been mentioned while loading the ISO to VMware. For the information regarding VMware installation please refer Install Windows 8 Step by Step. If you are not using VMware, it will ask for you choose the username and password for the login credentials to be created.


Ubuntu Movie002004


After the installation of Grub. It will be prompted for the username and password.


Ubuntu Movie003005


Hurray we have successfully installed Ubuntu Server edition.

Note: This is will not install GUI mode. To install GUI mode use the following steps.

In the terminal after you login use

Sudo apt-get update


Ubuntu Movie003010


This command will install the updates for your Ubuntu Server edition. Next in the terminal use

Sudo apt-get upgrade


Ubuntu Movie003040



Which will upgrade the OS. Once installed reboot the machine and now the GUI mode is installed successfully.


Ubuntu Movie0034814


Thanks for your comment. Will update shortly with more updates and Ubuntu server support.