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Universal Mobile Keyboard by Microsoft for all devices

Microsoft universal keyboard

Today in this technology world, people were using various types of devices like iPad, Tablet and laptops etc. the usage of the devices is based on their locations. When it comes to iPad, Tablet and android devices the key is small and fast typing is not enough when compared to the laptop keyboards.

Today Microsoft announced the solutions which tend to provide universal mobile keyboard for various devices including iPad, Tablet and Android devices. Even though their operating system varies, their functionality varies, this Microsoft’s Universal mobile keyboard has the capability to support all sort of devices including various keys that are needed for the respective connected devices like command key button for the iPad devices which is located as in the same location of Mac devices. this is awesome, cool, right?

This Universal Mobile Keyboard has the capability to adapt to the connected devices. the keyboard is connected to various devices via Bluetooth and the keyboard has the capability has an OS switch that provides the option to change the keyboard according to the respective devices. the keyboard has the protective cover and when the cover is open the keyboard will be powered on and when the cover is closed the power will be down. This provides the easy to go functionality which is much expected by most of the users in this fast technology world.

The Universal keyboard will be available in October 2014 for the retailed price $79.95 and also in the Microsoft store for other retailers. Hope this provides the way for the easy access for the users.

What do you think about this great idea by Microsoft?