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USB Killer 2.0 that can destroy your computer

In the world of digital everything easy and simple and it is same for both good and evil. In the digital life, everything turns into compact like from floppy to cd and then to DVD and now to USB device. Yes USB device is very compact easy to carry and have your files where ever you are and the other side USB can destroy your computer. Yes it is.

Russian Researcher nick named Dark Purple has released the new version USB Killer 2.0 which will destroy your computer in a matter of seconds and yes it is the same researcher who released Killer USB earlier this year that makes your computer to explode. In advanced research for USB Killer 2.0 the output voltage was increased to -220 V that would charge the capacitor to 220 V once connected and once reached the voltage converter will turned off and the energy stored will send signal to all USB interfaces and makes your device to stop working.

The proof of concept for the USB Killer 2.0 is demonstrated in the above video that demonstrated that the Lenovo is powered off once the device is connected. Dark Purple added in a blog that the new mother board is on the way for the replacement and he used it testing purpose and now he miss him.

Every new devices including mobile phones that accept OTG cable, routers, TVs and much more devices are coming with USB port. So please be safe with the USB devices and doesn’t belongs to you.