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Use your files anywhere in your devices without Sync

Last day, I have worked my meeting in my home laptop but I have forgotten to bring it on Monday for the meeting. It is really hard at this situation, now there is an option to have my file that I have worked on home in to my office laptop without any delay.

Younity is an app and software that allows me to access my file in my home computer from my mobile device and other computers. There is no need to sync. Younity creates a Private Cloud for you to access the files.

All files, at all devices in any time without syncing then the solution are Younity. It allows browsing all your devices at once.  Since it is a personal cloud but it doesn’t store any file in online which is safe and access the files. Now without Planning and without syncing the files can be used at your need time.


When compared to other cloud setup devices, you would need to concentrate on the storage space whereas Younity uses your own storage which is depends on your for the storage. It is time to don’t care about carry files with you. Just a device that allows to user your files wherever you are.

Be smart and it is time to take a step ahead.