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Vulnerability on Google Nexus using DOS attack

Now the attacker can make your Google Nexus phone to restart or freeze your phone by sending special SMS. A System Administrator named Bogdan Alecu at Levi9 a Dutch IT Service company had discovered the vulnerability on Google Nexus, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 on all version of Android.

The phone can be malfunctioned in case of sending about 30 flash SMS which will not stored in inbox of messages. This was presented by the researcher of the Defcamp security conference that held on Bucharest, Romania on last Friday.

The researcher add that the issue was found by him over an year ago and he also get in touch with Google and they also replied that the issue will be solved in Android 4.3 and now the Google knows the situation and they provided the Class0firewall app for the security concern to the users.

The research also adds that it results to reboot the device in most cases and also to the stop the messaging protocol.

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