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WhatsApp is now available as native desktop app

Today WhatsApp had launched the user’s most awaited desktop app that helps the users to share information and emoji with more efficient and effective. Already WhatsApp is available as the browser edition which provides the web based solution whereas now the native desktop edition, it helps the users to store long history of communicational information and also with the keyboard shortcuts and much more options are available with reduced data usage.

whatsapp native desktop app

The native desktop version of WhatsApp is available for both windows 8 and above and also for Mac OS 10.9 and above. This provide the users to install the app in their desktop and share the information which is similar to the mobile and it also noted as the extended mobile version for the desktop users.

The users has to download the app based on their operating system and use the generated QR code by scanning with the help of their mobile and all your contacts and older chats will also be available in desktop version. Using the browser and also the phone with the internet connection which also lot of data usage and this one WhatsApp native desktop app that helps the users to save their data usage which is also most needed to reduce data consumption.

To download this app click here