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WhatsApp to iCloud as Backup


We need our data to be safe and secure. WhatsApp was one of best and famous chatting app promises that there will be anymore chat missing in case of reinstallation. The new update with the version of WhatsApp 2.10.1 helps you to take your backup to iCloud.

When there is a situation to reinstall the app, you may miss your conversations which you may need know about the last communication and also for reference. Now there are new features with the latest whatspp update. The feature includes taking on time backup or schedule your backup for your conversation to iCloud only for iOS devices and you can also send multiple files in a single message. These are most needed feature for the users to update.

Backup Screen WhatsApp

Last week there is an problem with the Malware that spreads is WhatsApp Messenger which changes name in your contact list to Priyanka which is said to be Priyanka malware. The option to remove this malware is deleting and reinstalls the app which results in the loss of your old conversations. Now with the update on backup to iCloud for iOS devices helps in get back the conversations even the app is reinstalled WhatsApp messenger that act as the backup for your conversations.

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